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Fire Protection Equipment You Should Have In A Commercial Property

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Fire Protection Equipment You Should Have In A Commercial Property

If you own or manage any type of commercial property then much of the responsibility to ensure it is safe falls on your shoulders, which is why one of your tasks, if you have not already done so, will be to speak to your local fire protection services company at They will be able to advise you on the regulations regarding fire safety and what the minimal requirements are with regards to fire protection equipment on the premises.

Of course, you always have the option to go above and beyond the minimum requirements and invest in additional fire safety and protection equipment. Not only does this greatly increase the fire safety levels in your premises, but as an employer, it demonstrates that you take the welfare of your employers seriously.

There is a long list of possible options, so we must stress that the ones we highlight are merely our suggestions and do not constitute any kind of definite regulatory advice or minimum legal requirement, both of which you must ascertain for yourself with regards to the commercial premises you are responsible for.

Fire Extinguishers

The type of property and the commercial activity which takes place will determine which types of fire extinguishers you need, and in particular what is necessary for the materials that are predominant inside those premises. As a minimum, you will have a red-banded water extinguisher which is suitable for most fires involving paper and wood.

You might choose to expand the types of fire extinguishers to include a Black Co2 extinguisher for electrical fires, and also the number of extinguishers, especially if the property has more than one room.


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4 Cleaning Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Office Carpets

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4 Cleaning Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Office Carpets

Let’s face it, office carpets can be expensive, especially as they cover much larger areas of floor space compared to domestic carpets. In addition, they often have to endure large amounts of foot traffic, to the extent that the amount of carpet cleaning they require is significant too, so hiring a commercial cleaning specialist like would be advised.

With all of that, it is little wonder that office carpets can wear quickly, and no sooner does it seem you have just bought an office carpet, then you need to fork out more to replace it.

With this in mind, we thought it would be useful to provide those of you responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of your office carpets with some top tips that can help prolong the life of your existing office carpets. Here are 4 of those top tips.

#1 Produce A Cleaning And Maintenance Plan

Either randomly cleaning certain office carpets, or assuming that all areas of your office carpets require the same amount of cleaning is a haphazard way of going about it and does nothing to maximize the life of your office carpets. Instead, you should create a plan which takes account of the amount of foot traffic each area of the carpet has.

You should create a cleaning and maintenance plan for each area marked red, amber, and green based on those foot traffic levels and clean them accordingly with red receiving the most attention and green the least, This means each area receives the appropriate amount of care and helps keep the carpet wear more even.


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Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

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Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Website Design experts,, tell us that websites are now clearly the most clear ‘digital handshake’ that a business can make with their customers and potential customers. But because they are still new for a lot of business owners, the focus on them isn’t as great as it could be.

And that means that many websites and businesses are making simple, but avoidable mistakes in their web design. Ironing out these errors can go a long way towards:

  • Having a more effective website
  • Driving more leads
  • Getting more calls and appointments, and,
  • Ultimately, winning more work and growing your revenue.

To show you some of the ‘quick wins’ you can get on to today, we’ve created a short checklist to work through with your own website.

Be Clear in What You Want

We once reviewed one of the best pieces of business website writing we’d ever seen. It was interesting. It was insightful. It was even funny. But it went from being a 10/10 to a 7/10 for one reason: it didn’t have a call to action.

Every business has a call to action. It might be scheduling a free quote. It might be making an appointment to talk on the phone or via video chat. Or it might be scheduling a trial. But so many pieces of website writing lack this element.


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Team Building Ideas That Do Not Require A Lot Of Time

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Team Building Ideas That Do Not Require A Lot Of Time

One of the most common reasons why those who lead teams give for not implementing any team building ideas is that they do not have enough time. This is truly unfortunate and a missed opportunity to create teams that are bonded and will go the extra mile for their teammates, regardless of the scenario.

The question must be that if you are a team leader who does not believe they have the time for team building, how much of an advantage is that giving to your competitors whose team leaders, managers, and coaches have managed to found the time for building their teams?

The answer to that is a huge advantage, but it need not be that way. The fact is that even for those of you who genuinely have few opportunities to build your teams, particularly with regards to time, there are several team building ideas you can still employ. At most these require no more than 30 minutes, and in some cases can be done in less than 10. Do you think you can spare just 10 minutes to make your team a better one?

We hope so, and so here are some quick team building ideas from that do not require a lot of time…

Better Or Worse

Time: 20 minutes

Split the group into teams of four or five people and then show everyone four very different objects. One example would be a drumstick, a frying pan, a baseball cap, and a cuddly toy. Now you give them a scenario and ask the teams to rank each of the objects in the order that they would be the most useful and why.

The scenarios can be as silly and weird as you like so ‘You are saving the world from an alien invasion’, and ‘You are alone in a train carriage with an escaped gorilla’ are perfect as they require high levels of creativity to resolve.


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How To Involve Your Staff In An Office Relocation

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Office Relocation

Office relocation is typically something which occurs due to a business changing. Whether your office relocation is due to downsizing, expansion, or a part of your business strategy to be located nearer to your customers it is important to make sure your staff are involved, well informed, and that their input is taken into consideration.

For this, you need to establish open communication to get their opinions regarding the relocation and anything related to it. Get them involved from the beginning by asking them their thoughts about what new offices you should move to. The more you take their suggestions into consideration they more committed and helpful they will be when the relocation – with the help of – actually takes place.

In addition, the more your employees are involved in the relocation, you may even see greater levels of productivity leading up to it, their new office. It is highly likely that you end up getting some amazing ideas about how to further improve your office structure, layout, and organisational activities.

Another way to involve your team is to assign them tasks. Assess their strengths and assign their roles with respect to their skillsets. There are many tasks, such as supervising IT transfer, telecommunication setups, the layout of the office, setting up new filing systems. They may not physically do each of these themselves, but if they can oversee them, it will improve the relocation as whole.


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Are Alarm Monitoring Systems Useful for My Business?

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Alarm Monitoring Systems

Businesses across Australia are turning to high-end alarm monitoring systems from to secure their premises and reduce the risk of vandals and other intruders damaging assets or property. There are countless options available, but they all have the same purpose – to notify you or your security company when something’s wrong at your place of business.

However, a lot of businesses still underestimate the importance of alarm monitoring, and they tend to suffer as a result. With this in mind, we decided to put together this short guide outlining what alarm monitoring systems are, why they’re useful and why you should seriously consider installing one, in your business place, if you don’t already have one.

What Are Alarm Monitoring Systems?

To put it simply, an alarm monitoring system is any type of security system that includes ongoing monitoring to ensure your office is protected. In their simplest form, these involve simple security systems with motion detectors that are linked to a smartphone app or website. If an intruder or other issue is detected, you will receive real-time notifications.


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4 Things to Think About When Making a Position Redundant

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unfair dismissal claim

One of the most important employer rights in Australia is the right to make a position redundant when it’s no longer needed. However, this has to be done carefully and within the scope of the law to ensure you don’t end up facing unlawful or unfair dismissal claim.

Unfortunately, redundancy can be a slightly complicated topic. Because of this, we’d recommend consulting with a lawyer or other legal professional if you’re considering making a position redundant. On top of this, we’ve put together the following list of the top four things to consider when making a position redundant to help you get started.

  1. Make Sure You Consider Redeployment

One of the major things you have to think about when you’re making a position redundant is whether or not you can redeploy the affected employee within your company. If at all possible, you have a legal requirement to offer affected employees another position, even if the position is significantly lower in the company hierarchy and pays much less. If you don’t you will likely end up facing an unfair dismissal claim.

  1. Provide Support Where Possible

If possible, you should provide support to employees who are going to lose their job due to a position being made redundant. While some people may prefer to be left alone, others will appreciate support in the form of:

  • Being allowed time off to attend job interviews.
  • Being assisted through some sort of redundancy program.
  • Providing help searching and applying for a new position.

Again, the better you treat people who are going to be made redundant, the less likely unfair dismissal claims are to arise.


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3 SEO Mistakes You Could be Making

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SEO Mistakes

If you run or manage a website of any shape or form, you’ve probably heard of SEO. If you haven’t, you need to do some research and get familiar with at least basic SEO techniques, otherwise your search engine rankings will suffer.

With this in mind, I’ve put together a list of some of the most common SEO mistakes that inexperienced web developers and website owners tend to make. These can range from small mistakes that are easy to fix to large problems that could be severely impacting your site’s performance, and include:

  1. Failing To Use A Professional SEO Agency

Unless you have significant SEO training and experience, I’d always recommend at least consulting with a professional agency to make sure that you have a viable SEO strategy. Doing this should help you make sure that you’re getting the most out of your website.

Ultimately, SEO professionals can be expensive. However, the fact that they know exactly what they’re doing and how to do things will certainly work in your favour. If you try and take control of your own SEO, you will probably make mistakes, will be inefficient, and will take a lot more time to do things than you should.

A professional SEO agency who know all the SEO quirks won’t do this, and using one will free up your time, allowing you to take care of the things that you’re good at.

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How SEO Can Take Your Business to New Heights of Success

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When it comes to digital marketing, a crucial aspect for the imminent success of a website, business, or ecommerce store is the SEO strategy. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically the actions and steps that improve the visibility of a web page or website in the search engine’s unpaid results. This is also known as organic or natural SEO.

SEO not only incorporates technical elements, but creative elements as well, that improve search engine ranking, boost traffic, and drive awareness. Let’s take a look at some of the ways SEO helps drive business success on the internet that can translate to real time growth!

Traffic Potential

When your websites, its pages, content, Meta data, and other elements are optimized for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, you will be awarded with a higher ranking. Depending on the keywords that are used, your website or web pages may make it to the first page of search engine results. As a result, your visibility increases, which increases the potential of traffic.

Let’s say that you recently posted a blog on ‘How to Start a YouTube Channel’. Now practically speaking, your goal is to get this post on the first page of search engine results. Provided that you use the right keywords, Meta data, and write a quality post, your post will stand out online and climb the search engine rankings ladder naturally.

Now when someone wants to start or know more about starting a YouTube channel, they will likely click on your link. If your content is relevant and interesting, then expect the post to be shared on social media networks, which is widely regarded as the most qualitative measure for success of a post. Over time, if you produce quality posts and optimize them for search engines, then your website can leverage on increased traffic and user activity, which open revenue earning opportunities through advertisements and affiliate marketing.


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How Does Your Drug Rehab Social Media Strategy Impact SEO?

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Drug Rehab Social Media Strategy

Being active on social media is essential for the long term success of your drug rehab. Many potential clients will search for drug rehabs on Facebook and Twitter before contacting someone, which means that it is crucial for your social media pages to make a good first impression.

However, being active on social media goes beyond this. Some people will argue that your social media marketing and presence doesn’t affect your SEO rankings, but I disagree. In fact, I’d say that being active on platforms like Facebook and Twitter is one of the most efficient uses of your time. There are a wide range of ways that your drug rehab social media strategy can impact your SEO and your search engine rankings, including:

A Good Social Media Strategy Can Drive Traffic To Your Website

Google takes a lot of things into consideration when determining your search engine ranking. Visitor behaviour is just one of these things. If you can drive relevant, interested people to your website through your social media profiles, your SEO efforts will almost certainly be positively impacted.

Advice about SEO from Google suggest, interested visitors who click through from social media will be more likely to spend more time on your website, reading and engaging with the content that you have to offer. This will lower your bounce rate and increase your visitor retention time. Both of these things will help improve your SEO rankings.


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Social Media Marketing For Law Firms

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Social Media Marketing

Family lawyers throughout Australia and the world are having trouble finding clients in an increasingly competitive environment. Although different marketing efforts – like social media marketing – can be effective, it is very important for you to understand how to use them properly before you start.

If you try and start marketing your law firm on social media without understanding what you’re doing, you will find that you are wasting your time, that you don’t get a whole lot of results, and that you may even end up building a poor image for your company.

Start By Creating Social Media Profiles

The first thing that you need to do when it comes to marketing your law firm on social media is to build strong profiles or pages. Make sure that you have a presence on the most popular platforms – including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Make sure that you are consistent with your branding between platforms, and make sure that they all link back to your website and to each other where possible.

Post Interesting Content

One of the things that makes social media such a great marketing medium for law firms is that is allows you to get your name out there and to gain exposure. When done right, social media marketing can give you an advantage over your competitors – something that every lawyer wants, right?


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Big Data and How It Affects Hiring

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Big Data Hiring

The hiring landscape is changing rapidly and corporate lawyers are feeling the impact. The environment is complicated and so are the tools that employers use to sift through mountains of resumes.  Time is short for most recruiting professionals and finding the best candidates has become increasingly competitive.  Often, it’s the first employer to find a candidate, and make an offer, that is able to recruit top talent.

So employers are rapidly turning to vast data stores and software to assist them in culling out the chaff and leaving only the desirable candidates behind.  Some refer to this as the “Big Data” movement.

What is driving the move to Big Data?  First, most candidate assessment tools are extremely old and outdated.  The software is based on decades-old assumptions and  processes and don’t take into account the way candidates want to find jobs and the way the modern workforce communicates and lives.

Additionally, the modern workplace has changed and the metrics we’ve typically used in the past to assess performance have changed.  Technology has changed what jobs demand, the work hours people choose, where they work from, etc.  Tradition tools aren’t equipped deal with these changes.

With recruitments, come dismissals. If you think you may have had an unfair dismissal, speak to your lawyer.

The workforce has changed as well.  Generations of workers have come and gone since recruiting tools were updated and the present generation operated on very different values, assumptions, and goals that workers in past eras.


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What Types Of Super Funds Are Out There?

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Types Of Super Funds

When it comes to super, a lot of people don’t really know how their funds are being managed. Although most decent accountants can advise you on what you should be doing with your super, it is important to have a decent understanding of the Australian super system.

Although it is very difficult to access your super before you retire, you can choose how and where it is invested. If you have a substantial amount of super, then you should definitely consider looking into the types of super funds out there. Choosing one which suits your personal situation can cause your super account to grow substantially over time. Some of the more popular super fund options include:

My Super:

My super is a government run superannuation program designed to become the default fund for people working for new employers. It has relatively low fees when compared to most other types of funds, making it a good choice for people with low super balances. However, it only provides basic insurance cover and one investment plan.

Industry Super Funds:

Most industry super funds were developed by trade corporations or members of a specific industry to provide super investment services to workers in that industry. Most industry super funds work on a not for profit basis, which means that your fees are generally small. A lot of larger industry super funds are now open for public investment, and some people argue that they have higher returns than other types of fund. Note that investment options are usually limited to a few choices with industry funds.


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What is SEO?

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What is SEO

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of attracting traffic from the ‘editorial’, ‘natural’, ‘organic’ or ‘free’ results from search engines.

According to SEO Perth, SEO developed into a marketing discipline and focuses on how to create more visible non-paid search engine results. To drive (online) traffic, improve result rankings and increase the awareness in search engines both, creative and technical aspects are involved.

While in some cases, it matters how other websites are linked to you on the web. In some cases, SEO involves making sure that the structure of your site is such that the search engines are able to understand it.

Search engine optimisation is not merely creating websites that are understood by the search engines. They also have to make the website better for their users.

Search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo currently drive the highest percentage of web traffic. And these are still the most popular method used by internet users to navigate, despite there being traffic directed from social media.


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Selecting a Web Design Service

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Web Design Service

Selecting a Web Design Service – Things to Consider
Here are a few things to consider before you hire a web designer. Being one of the strongest tools for business, your website needs to be designed keeping in mind all the essential details of your company. Therefore, it’s important to put in some efforts and do your research when choosing a designer for your website. You might consider buying a website instead of getting one designed for you. However, this is quite risky. So getting your new responsive website designed by a professional is very important.

Let’s have a look at some of the main points to consider when selecting a web design service to make your website attractive.

1. See If The Web Company Is Experienced Or Not

The first thing to check is the capability of the company you are considering to hire with your website’s design. This will be determined by the quality  of their past work. An established company with a work experience spanning over several years is an obvious choice in this regard. However, there are certain advantages of hiring a new company as well (they will be more eager to win you over as a customer and will be willing to go the extra mile). However, it is safer to go with someone who has worked on similar projects in the past and have a track record of successfully meeting deadlines and customer expectations.


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How Lawyers Evaluate Contracts?

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Getting a lawyer’s insight before signing a contract is essential; whether it is a legal employment contract, a real estate contract, a license agreement, lease agreement, or mortgage. Many times, people overlook the basic details, and at times, even the contract and the country’s law contradict each other. To avoid problems like these, commercial lawyers can assist you in evaluating your contracts.

Following is how lawyers assess a document to make sure that the employer or any other contractor is not being extremely strict and putting your rights at stake, either during or after the employment.

Important Clauses
Before signing a contract, you need to make sure that it is stating all the important points and clauses that the employee discussed with you during the meeting; see this doc Australian Contract Law Reform. An effective contract highlights all the major details. For example, in some contracts, there is a mention of the time period it is applicable for and whether the contract is enforceable or not.

Additionally, when it comes to it, the document should mention clearly about exchanging certain items in place of others, as necessary. Formation of the contract cannot take place if the exchange is not valid or equal. This can also include a situation when the services that a person is providing are greater than their salary or at no salary at all. In this case, there is a lack of consideration, which makes it an illegal contract.


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Everything You Need To Know About Internet Advertising

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Internet Advertising

Digital marketing is a complex field that involves both paid and free marketing strategies. Internet advertising is probably the most common form of paid digital marketing, and it comes in many forms.

Some types of internet advertising are very simple and involve little to no technical understanding. However, others are much more complicated and require someone with a lot of experience or training to get the most out of them. Understanding the types of internet marketing that are out there is the first step on the road to a successful business: choosing the right advertising streams for your needs is the second step.

Why should you use internet advertising?

A huge percentage of the world’s population use the internet every day, and this number is increasing rapidly as more and more people gain access to the internet, especially in developing countries.

It therefore makes sense to use some sort of internet advertising to promote your business. If you don’t, you are probably missing out on a potentially huge market. You may find it hard to compete with similar businesses who do use internet marketing strategies, and may have trouble building a successful enterprise.

What kinds of internet advertising exist?

With the help of experts, Cheap Web Design Perth, we found that there are a number of different types of mainstream internet advertising methods, including:

Search engine marketing (SEM):

Search Engine Marketing involves the use of very targeted keywords and short ads, usually placed at the top of search engine results. These are designed to drive interested people to your website, and are very useful for selecting the right audience, especially when used with large search engines like Google.


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The Key Areas to Focus on in a Web Development Project

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Whether you are an amateur at web design and development, or someone who has been playing in the field for a long time, you’ll need a few pointers that are like a miniature checklist. This will help you focus on the key areas that need to be taken care of when you are developing a website. Some of them are pretty obvious, while the others are sometimes forgotten in the course of a typical web development program. Anyway, here are the nitty-gritty details of the important things that need to be attended to.

Browser compatibility – When you are developing a website for a client, it is important to make sure that the site is compatible with most of the commonly used browsers. Sites that are incompatible with popular browsers will only result in drastically low traffic for your client’s site, and that is not something you want on your hands.

The background templates –Pretty often, developers focus too much on the elements in the foreground and pay little attention to what runs behind it all. Having a user friendly background that is easy on the eyes seems like a small thing, but it contributes greatly to how popular the site gets with time. Obviously, people will not linger too long on a webpage that strains their eyes.


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Two Major Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

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Web Design Mistakes

If you ask for web design advice from anyone who either has or has had a website they’ll tell you lots of things you should have on your site. Some of it will be correct but some advice will so wrong that if you follow it, you could harm your website and its usefulness permanently.

Here are two major web design errors that you must avoid completely when you design your website.

#1 Forgetting Why You Have A Website

There are literally thousands of business websites on the internet that seem to have no purpose whatsoever…don’t let yours become another one. It seems crazy that a business would pay a web designer to design them a website, only for that site to have no discernible reason to exist other than to showcase their skills built from web design tips.

When you sit down to plan the design of your website, the first question to answer is what goal or goals do you want the website to achieve for your business. If it’s a simple one-page sales letter or video, then the obvious purpose is sales.  Some single page sites might have the alternative goal of gaining email subscribers.

If branding is of paramount importance above all else, then branding should be prominent throughout the site. Your site might be a blog where you share information to build trust and eventually customers. A larger corporate site may have information on the company, with product ranges and services fully explained in order to generate leads.

Whether it is any of these or one of the many other reasons why you’d want your business to have a website online, when you come to design it, make sure that purpose is fully accommodated its design and structure.


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Social Media Marketing – Marketing to a Brand New World

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Increased used of the internet, changes in consumer behavior, perceptions, brand preferences and lifestyles have all impacted the manner in which businesses used to operate. Nevertheless, internet marketing entails much more than just getting your website up and waiting for the world to beat a path to your door.

It becomes extremely hard for us to understand sometimes how our life has changed until we pause for a second and take a deep look at how different our life is from what it used to be ten or may be five years ago. Social media, in recent years, has impacted our lives more than anything else.

This global transformation that has taken place over the past few years because of advanced social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook might have been unimaginable for most of us at the beginning of this decade.

With the dramatic evolution of the internet, traditional communication methods have largely been replaced by the latest communication techniques including social media networking and marketing. Social media in today’s world has revolutionized the way in which businesses promote their offerings to their customers.

It is an undeniable truth that a number of businesses in recent times venture into social media marketing with hopes of getting a good return of their investment. The expectation is that customers will be attracted in droves and that the benefits and revenue generation will be phenomenal. The immense power of social media can be used to communicate with millions of web surfers who search the internet every day to look for products and services to satisfy their needs.