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5 Advantages Of Advertising Your Business Using PPC Ads

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5 Advantages Of Advertising Your Business Using PPC Ads

One of the huge benefits that the internet has given businesses is a means to create a digital marketing campaign that does not require an advertising budget. Although there may be costs associated with having a digital marketing agency create and implement such a campaign, thereafter the organic traffic which is created and visits their website, is bereft of any ad costs.

That model might suit lots of businesses, however, just as in the offline world, the online world also offers paid advertising opportunities to businesses. A recent digital marketing survey showed that the amount spent on online paid advertising is almost the equivalent of 1 billion Australian dollars annually and that online paid ads account for over 60% of the total of all advertising expenditure

So, it is clear paid ads play a significant role in the digital marketing plans of businesses, and if your business is not currently using online pad ads, we appreciate there could be many reasons for that. You could be a new business, you might have tried previously but saw zero return, or you simply may have never considered the benefits of paid advertising before.

We hope to correct the latter, and also provide some positive reasons for other business owners to at least consider online paid advising, and in particular, pay per click (PPC) ads also known as Google Ads, which are by far the most popular online paid advertising model. The simple premise is that you create an ad, and only pay whenever someone clicks on it. The PPC advertising model has several advantages, and below we have highlighted the five which are most relevant.