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How Incentives Can Boost Customer Reviews Of Your Landscaping Business

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Before any landscaping business start panicking having read the title of this post, we must stress from the outset that what were are not talking about here is paying clients for reviews. That practice has long been frowned upon to the extent that many governments are considering making it illegal for a business to pay someone for a positive, and patently false, review of their products or services.

So, if not paying clients for reviews, what do we mean when say incentivising them? What we referring to is giving customers a reason or an encouragement to write the review by giving them an incentive, and this includes a financial one. Note, there is a huge difference between an incentive such as a special offer or promotion, and simply paying for reviews.

Customer Review Incentivisation

Many products and services are reviewed by people who are first given them for free, so this practice is well-founded, albeit it still has its critics. A prime example (no pun intended) is Amazon where there are so-called professional reviewers who write unbiased reviews on products that they are sent free of charge.