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5 Reasons That Could Mean Your Office Carpets Need Cleaning More Frequently

Offices come in all sizes and types, and the number of people who will work or pass through them each day will differ too, but one thing many of them have in common is their need for office carpet cleaning if what is on the floor is carpet rather than tiles. For those offices that have carpets, we assume that the management of that business has in place some process for the carpets to be cleaned.

This could be internal cleaning staff, but the best option by far is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to care for the carpets with regular expert cleaning. In many cases, there will be an agreement in place as to how often the various carpet cleaning processes take place. Vacuuming could be done daily, whereas deep cleaning, such as shampooing, takes place every two weeks or monthly.

What is likely to happen is that the business and carpet cleaning company will agree for inspections to take place to assess the work and also determine if the frequency of cleaning is sufficient. On the point regarding frequency, certain events and changes can take place within an office which is a reason for the time between full-scale carpet cleans to be reduced. To give you some idea of what these reasons might be, here are five of the most common ones.

Increased Foot Traffic

Much of the dirt and grime that finds its way into the fibres of an office carpet comes from the shoes of those who walk on that carpet. It should be noted that carpets also suffer from hair, dandruff, and dead skin cells that all come from humans too. Should the number of people who are walking on the carpets increase, then it follows that carpets are going to become grubbier quicker and thus require cleaning more often.

Construction Or Renovation Work

If any construction or renovation work is taking place within or adjacent to a building that an office is located in, then there is a likelihood that the office’s carpets will get dirtier. This can either be from the likes of dust and other tiny debris being blown in, or from people trampling in dirt that they have on their shoes having walked through the area in question.

Wet Weather

Whenever it rains people get wet, and that especially applies to their footwear as they walk on wet pavements and streets outside. As those workers enter their office, unless there is a policy of taking shoes off on entry (which we doubt) then carpets are going to suffer from all the dirty moisture and possibly mud being transferred to them, meaning they will need to be cleaned more often.

Increased Pollen Counts

This will be especially applicable if any employees within an office are known to suffer from allergies and ailments such as hay fever. When pollen counts rise there is almost certainly going to be some of it that settles on office carpets, especially if the office windows are open on hot days. Unless a business wants to risk increased sick day absences from those with allergies, then increased carpet cleaning frequency to remove pollen and other allergens is essential.

Changes In Office Functions

Sometimes on a whim, but thankfully, more often due to careful forward planning, a business will decide to reconfigure its offices to take account of the changing needs of that business. This can mean an office’s usage changing completely and thus the frequency of how often carpets are cleaned may also change.

For example, an office previously designated as a meeting room and very rarely used being changed into a telesales room with 30 employees using it 8 to 12 hours per day, will have a far greater need for regular carpet cleaning than ever before.