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4 Cleaning Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Office Carpets

4 Cleaning Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Office Carpets

Let’s face it, office carpets can be expensive, especially as they cover much larger areas of floor space compared to domestic carpets. In addition, they often have to endure large amounts of foot traffic, to the extent that the amount of carpet cleaning they require is significant too, so hiring a commercial cleaners would be advised.

With all of that, it is little wonder that office carpets can wear quickly, and no sooner does it seem you have just bought an office carpet, then you need to fork out more to replace it.

With this in mind, we thought it would be useful to provide those of you responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of your office carpets with some top tips that can help prolong the life of your existing office carpets. Here are 4 of those top tips.

#1 Produce A Cleaning And Maintenance Plan

Either randomly cleaning certain office carpets, or assuming that all areas of your office carpets require the same amount of cleaning is a haphazard way of going about it and does nothing to maximize the life of your office carpets. Instead, you should create a plan which takes account of the amount of foot traffic each area of the carpet has.

You should create a cleaning and maintenance plan for each area marked red, amber, and green based on those foot traffic levels and clean them accordingly with red receiving the most attention and green the least, This means each area receives the appropriate amount of care and helps keep the carpet wear more even.

#2 Have a Spillage and Stain Protocol

In an office of 100 people, if someone spills something you will have 100 voices each vocalizing with a different way to deal with it. Instead, of 100 ways, introduce just one, that the staff is made aware of, where should anything spill on the carpet or a stain occur,  there is a protocol to follow. This could be one or two members of staff responsible for removing it, or that an on-site cleaner is alerted as soon as possible.

#3 Daily Vacuuming

There are few tried and trusted ways more suitable for prolonging the life of an office carpet than regular vacuuming. Your cleaning staff, be they employed by your company, or from an outside agency, should have instructions to vacuuming at least once a day, and ideally just after all the staff have gone home for the day.

Referring back to your maintenance plan, vacuuming should be incorporated into it so high traffic areas of the carpet are vacuumed more often than low foot traffic areas.

#4 Deep Clean As Often as Possible

Having your vacuuming schedule in place will make a huge positive difference in prolonging the life of your office carpets. This will get rid of around 70% to 80% of the dirt in the carpet, but for the other 20% or 30%, you will need to deep clean your office carpets.

The reason this is so crucial with respect to maintaining your carpets is that the  remaining dirt will contain tiny fragments which have sharp edges. It is these that literally shred the fibres of your carpet as people walk on them, and ultimately leads to carpets having to be replaced long before they should have needed to be.

A deep clean, conducted by professional carpet cleaners on a regular basis, not only gets your carpets looking clean, but also gets rid of the undesirables lurking deep within your office carpets.