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How Local Dental Practices Can Use SEO To Boost Their Rankings On Google

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One of the disadvantages that small businesses, including local dental practices, is they often do not have the resources, including the financial resources, to compete with larger businesses that have corporate funding and investors behind them. This is at its most obvious when you consider the amounts large businesses have to spend on their marketing compared to smaller, local businesses.

If you have a local dental practice, it might be that some of the dental practices that operate in your area come under the umbrella of corporate dentistry and it, therefore, means that they have far greater amounts to spend on marketing themselves to gain new patients. What that can mean is through the natural reduction in patient numbers through those moving away or passing away, you may struggle to replace them.

You do not need to be a business guru to fathom that, if your dental practice’s patient numbers are reducing, its revenue, profitability, and even sustainability are all at risk. This creates the need to seek other ways to compete within your local marketplace and, thankfully, there are several, but the most effective is often search engine optimisation, aka SEO.

SEO is the practice of optimising a business website so that it can rank highly on search engines when internet users are searching for the product or service that this business offers. For example, if someone has just moved into your town and is seeking to register with a dentist from Dental O So Gentle for dental implants, you want your dental practice’s website to be one of the first they see when the search results appear.