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Two Major Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

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Web Design Mistakes

If you ask for web design advice from anyone who either has or has had a website they’ll tell you lots of things you should have on your site. Some of it will be correct but some advice will so wrong that if you follow it, you could harm your website and its usefulness permanently.

Here are two major web design errors that you must avoid completely when you design your website.

#1 Forgetting Why You Have A Website

There are literally thousands of business websites on the internet that seem to have no purpose whatsoever…don’t let yours become another one. It seems crazy that a business would pay a web designer to design them a website, only for that site to have no discernible reason to exist other than to showcase their skills built from web design tips.

When you sit down to plan the design of your website, the first question to answer is what goal or goals do you want the website to achieve for your business. If it’s a simple one-page sales letter or video, then the obvious purpose is sales.  Some single page sites might have the alternative goal of gaining email subscribers.

If branding is of paramount importance above all else, then branding should be prominent throughout the site. Your site might be a blog where you share information to build trust and eventually customers. A larger corporate site may have information on the company, with product ranges and services fully explained in order to generate leads.

Whether it is any of these or one of the many other reasons why you’d want your business to have a website online, when you come to design it, make sure that purpose is fully accommodated its design and structure.


Online Business

4 Reasons Why Web Design Is Important For Your Business

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Web design is certainly a magic wand. All you need to do is wave it and your desired results are right in front of you. With the increased use of online media and ecommerce businesses, the concept of web design is gaining popularity and familiarity in the business world.

Not only people have begun paying attention to website’s designs but they have equally adhered to take steps in making the website more functional and effective. As Paul Cookson, a famous entertainer and author, has said:

“Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine”.

The website design has a direct impact on moods, decisions and actions of your readers. With an effective web design, you can drive a lot of consistent traffic to your site. Not just this, there are many more advantages of web design for your business; four of them are discussed below in detail.

1. Increased Number of Visitors
A web design with effective and impressive features will ultimately attract visitors. If you’ve more symbols and figures rather than content on your site, people will instantly get your message without reading long paragraphs. Having their questions answered, they’ll prefer your website the next time they’re in search of anything related to your business. This will guarantee you consistent visitors.