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10 Business Books Every Lawyer Should Read

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10 Business Books Every Lawyer Should Read

Throughout their life and career, lawyers read copious amounts, whether they are family lawyers, divorce lawyers or commercial lawyers etc. Lawyers not only have to read countless books to gain the necessary qualifications to work within their profession, but their daily work schedule also requires them to read legal documents, interview transcripts, case law, and new legislation as it is passed.

That they read a lot is not in question, but what we want to consider here is what other reading material family lawyers should read. In particular, we are going to suggest several books which we recommend they read, not specifically concerning family law, but more applicable to the running of their family lawyers business. Several of these ten books are business-related but there are also personal development books offering excellent guidance.

Book #1 – The Personal MBA: Master The Art Of Business By Josh Kaufman:  Regarded as one of the most comprehensive business books ever written, it includes advice on marketing, business strategies, negotiation, and goal setting.

Book #2 – Like A Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You At Business School By Richard Branson: Who better to take business advice from than someone whose business exploits have made him a billionaire? In this book, which is effectively an autobiography, Richard Branson shares the secrets of his phenomenal success.