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Why Dentists Should Opt For Custom Web Design Versus A Website Template

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Why Dentists Should Opt For Custom Web Design Versus A Website Template

Given that over two-thirds of their target audience is likely to be active users of the internet, it is abundantly clear that dentists should have a website to give them an online presence and to help promote their dental practice. How to have a website built can differ, but not every way is suitable if a dental business wishes to attract new patients and be able to expand.

First, we advise dentists to not use the “Do-It-Yourself” approach. Dentists are experts at oral health not building websites, and just as you would never ask web designers to fill cavities or give dental implants, dentists are best served not building their own websites. It might seem a cheaper option, but it will take longer, and the results will almost certainly be suboptimal.

Another option is to buy a template to either try to build a website or to ask a freelancer to build it. Now, there are lots of excellent freelance web designers, but even here, the result is not going to be as good as if you follow the path that we suggest. That is to have a custom website designed and built by a professional web design agency. Here are 7 reasons why custom web design beats using a template every time.

It Is Unique: Why would you want a website for your dental practice that looks the same as others? Better to have a unique website that can be created for your objectives in a style and with functions that you believe will augment your website’s effectiveness.

You Can Brand Your Dental Practice: A huge benefit of a custom web design is that it can match and augment your dental business’s branding. By using brand-specific colours, logos, graphics and fonts, the whole website can make your brand stronger.