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What Mistakes You Should Avoid When Naming Your Business

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Naming your business is the moment where all your motivation and excitement reaches its absolute pinnacle. You start with a hazy idea for a business which gradually grows into a more detailed and comprehensive design and you then determine how you will manage different operations and management functions. Once you start work on your business plan, you start thinking about the best name for your brainchild. What group of alphabets will sum up all your services and values in a perfect way?

It is hard to choose a name for a business as it becomes the identity of your enterprise. A name which is difficult to relate to or remember can be a disaster, while the right name can be the perfect brand you had always wanted. So how do you make the right choice? By avoiding any major mistakes while choosing a name for your start-up!

Make sure that you don’t make any of the following mistakes while choosing your business name.

Involving Everyone in the Brainstorming Process

While it is true that two heads are better than one, it is still not a great idea to involve all your friends, family and acquaintances in the quest to find a name for the company. Only the people who have an interest in the success of your business, and have your welfare at heart should be involved in the naming process.

Too many minds put to work to name a business will ultimately result in a scripted literal name, which will not be outstanding. Only involve the key decision makers and get brilliant minds together to come up with one dynamic name for your business.

Using Plain Words for a Name

While simplicity is certainly chic, sometimes it might get you into trouble. While some simple names have been great successes, you need to be really smart about it. If you want your business your stand out from the crowd and shout out from the throng of competitors, give it a name which is unique and tweaks the curiosity of your customers.

Yahoo being named as “Your Regular Search Engine” or something else, would most probably have gone obsolete at the time it was introduced into the market. A unique name gave it its identity which is still a part of what YAHOO is all about.

From Intriguing To Downright Obscure

Your business name should intrigue your customers, dazzle them, make them curious, excite them and prompt them to know more about your business, but there is a fine line between being intriguing and becoming obscure.

Remember, your customers will love intriguing but will be put off by an obscure name, which they can’t make a head or tail of. Don’t go for complex or puzzling names that your potential market will have a hard time remembering, as it is a sure way of driving away potential clients, even before you have had any chance to wow them with your services.

Make wise decisions and be smart. Avoid the above mistakes and think of a good name for your business which will become its identity in the industry.