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Top 10 Places to List Your Business

Gone are the days when you had to trawl through large volumes of phone books just to locate the local contact details of a business. Now, every business is where you want it to be, right in front of your target market, making it easy for them to reach out, view your offerings, and browse through them to become a loyal customer in the process. How? By being online!

The internet has made it possible for everyone to access and learn about your business. But are you making it any easier for your customers to find you on the internet? Have you listed your business on the places which will get you great customer exposure and subsequently increase conversions? Customers now conduct searches about companies on different online directories, so if you have your business listed on the top online directories, there is a high likelihood of you being able to expand your market share owing to the improved visibility these listings offer.

If you don’t know how to go about it, then read on to know the top 10 places where you need to list down your business and ensure an increase in your market share.

1. Google

If your business is not listed here, then you are invisible to more than half of your customer market! Such is the popularity of Google as an online search directory that everyday around 6 billion searches are conducted on the portal.

You can register to get a business listing for free, and get a chance to be visible to a large chunk of the target market.

2. Yelp

One of the best places to find a quality review is Yelp, and if you want powerful word of mouth advertising, then Yelp is the best way to go about it. You will be able to create deals for customers and also view all relevant business trends.

3. Bing

Register for free on Bing and add multiple locations for your business outlets at a time. You will be able to include videos and photos with your business content on Bing listings. If your target demographic isn’t active on Google, there is a high chance that they are looking for you here!

4. Yellow Pages

List your business in this directory and benefit from additional lead generation services, advertising, and the different online payment options.

5. Yahoo

The 3rd most popular online search directory is definitely somewhere you should list your business. The directory brings in millions of searches every day.

6. MerchantCircle

This is a directory which helps small enterprises connect with their local customers and businesses relatively easily. You get free marketing tools and the service is geographically localized to the needs of your target audience.

7. White Pages

By listing your business on this directory, you make the business contact information easily available to around 200 million people all over the world! Enjoy sponsored advertising and great mobile marketing streams to draw in more customers.

8. Foursquare

Essentially a social networking site cum online business directory, here, you can enjoy great customer exposure and invite potential and existing clients to browse through new offerings and leave comments as well. You can link in your Twitter handle to get customer tweets.

9. Superpages

Superpages is an easy to navigate online directory, particularly powerful if you are listing car sales and lottery results. The directory has all popular categories listed out on the home page.

10. YellowBot

It is an online directory which allows customer reviews and also offers business and contact information. You can easily access it with Facebook and Google pages and add the different search tags to your business listing.

Browse through these online directories and choose the ones which will help you tap into a larger segment of the target market. If you want to run a business competitively in Australia, then get listed on the right online directories.