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Great Logo Design Tips for a Business Startup

As a startup, you will likely consider whether you want to spend valuable resources and time on a logo design. A logo may cost as little as $5 to even hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a unique brand appeal. The essential goal of a logo is after all, to create a perception around the business, which is why creating a good logo in the beginning, is a good foundation for branding prospects.

When it comes to logo design, you have a wide range of options to getting it done as there are freelancers and creative design agencies that readily provide this service. However, if you want to incorporate your element into the logo, then follow these tips for a great logo design that becomes the foundation of your brand!

Focus on Simplicity

Simplicity doesn’t necessarily have to mean a stagnant logo that looks elegant, but nothing more than that. A simplistic logo could have some moving pieces, like the old Apple logo with the rainbow colours. To create a simplistic logo, focus on the colours and what emotions they are associated with. If your brand wants to focus on elegance, then grayscale and solid colours are good to work with.

On the other hand, if your brand wants to create a powerful and authoritative image, then dark red, green, yellow, and gold can work to perfection. In any case, make sure that your logo is simple and easy on the eyes as doing so will make it easy for people to remember it for a long time.

Texts, Logos, and Acronyms

More often than not, startups today will invest heavily in a logo that has a small blurb or slogan associated with it. It may not always work for your business, especially if the slogan sends out mixed messages. The Apple Light Macbook was marketed as ‘Light, Years Ahead’, which is a very creative and appealing slogan for a product.

The point here is that text does not have to become a necessity if it is not going well with the logo. Shell doesn’t have a slogan or blurb with their logo, but HP has the words H and P as part of its logo. If you want to create an acronym for a brand, make sure you are not doing so by violating someone’s intellectual property, as that frequently happens to be the case as the market gets more and more saturated.

Focus On Marketability

Is your current logo design aligned with your branding and marketing needs? More importantly, what role does the logo play in creating brand awareness and recognition? A logo is much more than a symbol or acronym for your business. It is the first impression that people have about your business, and if it is successful in captivating their attention, then what you have is a memorable logo that can help your business grow. If you’re still not sure how to get started, you can always check out portfolios of the top designers and design agencies!

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