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The Future of eCommerce Business in Australia

ecommerce future

Majority of Australians have already made the switch to digital superhighway in buying goods and services. Recent survey results from Australian Digital Economy E-commerce Trends and Statistics Report highlight the fact that people are increasingly buying goods and services online.

At the moment Australians still lag behind UK and US when it comes to online shopping. This means that there is great scope for start-up firms to build a strong base and capture untapped market.

eCommerce start-up firms stand to gain a lot from changing trends in the digital arena. Below we take a look at some of the upcoming trends that will change the way eCommerce is conducted down under.

Shift of Focus to Mobile eCommerce
Mobile eCommerce in Australia is going to increase in popularity in the coming years, Small business eCommerce retailers will be incorporating technologies that provides improved customer experience for mobile users. Some the technologies that is expected to make headway in Australia include NFC redeemable coupons, QR codes, and free Wi-Fi.

In addition, it will become increasingly important for eCommerce retailers to ensure that the shopping cart, online payment and layout are all optimised for mobile users.

Customized and Personalized Service
Another important trend that is expected to redefine online retail shopping in Australia relates to offering customized services to the customers. Offering customized and personalized services in tune with interests and preference of the customer will become the norm in satisfying customers.

eCommerce sites will use online customer profiles in recommending and filtering products. The current catalogue like nature of eCommerce stores will change to personalized, premium experience that is tuned to the preferences of the online customers.

Focus on Superior Customer Service Experience
Another trend that will define the future of eCommerce business in Australia is the focus towards creating superior customer service experience. Increasing number of online companies will be adopting customer service practices such as extended return durations, free shipping, SMS status confirmation,24/7 customer support, and multiple payment methods.

Increased Integration with Social Media
According to a recent survey, more than 11 million people in Australia use social media to connect with each other. That is about half of the current population in the country. The social media platform offers great platform for companies to boost their online presence. Companies can exploit the online social media platform to build a strong customer base and bolster their online presence.

360o Customer Engagement
Over the next few years increasing number of online businesses will employ 360o customer engagement policy in offering superior services to the consumers. They will use mobile, web, physical presence, referral sources, and multimedia to make the best impression with the customers.

At the end of the day, the eCommerce landscape will continue to mature in Australia. Online businesses that offer superior customer service experience will stay ahead of the competition. While those firms that lag behind in customer service will not be able to survive for long in the digital arena.