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Key Features That Your Ecommerce Website Should Have

You may have setup a complete ecommerce website for your online business in Australia, but are you sure it has everything you need for next year? Here are some must-have features that can help you improve the business by making things more efficient:

Firstly, maintain an innovative, fresh, and engaging online presence. This is not something you have to look at annually, but on a daily basis, because ecommerce is a very competitive market. In recent years, the Australian ecommerce industry has not only served as a significant tool for revenue growth, but has encouraged consumers to spend beyond their limits. In the next year, there is going be an increase in overseas and local retail purchases by an estimated amount of $25 billion. Therefore, if your website doesn’t appear engaging, others will make sure theirs does.

Another important requirement is to keep your ecommerce processes competitive. You must try to cover all likely aspects to make sure that your customers can access your products and services. For example, The Iconic Magazine is not just available in hard copies, but is available online as well, making it accessible for mobile users too.

The third important feature to have in your ecommerce website is a typo-sensitive search tool. A faceted search option adds more detail to the search, and makes it easier for the customer to find the product he/she wants. At the same time, it saves a lot of time and prevents confusion. This is where the use of Metadata becomes a crucial requirement, using the right keyword to describe the product.

Adding new, hot, and unique collections and bundles is also important. Making your stock appealing is the key to attracting new customers and maintaining old ones. Shoppers always want what’s latest.

Lastly, offer your customers a visible web inventory. Customers want to be able to see things online and be sure that you have them in-store. Otherwise, it can be a major tick-off when products are out of stock and you will lose customers to other competitors who offer them the benefit of being sure that they will find what they want.

Here’s more of what you need to in 2016, because mobile ecommerce is predicted to see a major boom:

  • Use a Mobile Enabled Website – Some websites don’t offer the “View Full Site” option for mobile users, which is a major cause of dissatisfaction. This has to change. Change your website’s theme and get a mobile friendly version to offer mobile shoppers a great customer experience, so that they want to return back again.
  • Offer Product Reviews – Reviews are the best and quickest way to create a good online reputation. It attracts customers by offering them value and surety that the products they purchase are worth it. Most customers feel more confident about online products after reading honest reviews.
  • Use Videos and Expert Comments – High-resolution videos are also a great tool for offering product information. Through videos and expert comments, you can offer customers a better insight into your products and services. This tends to help them envision the benefits of using your business and attracts more buyers through social media platforms, because sharing information becomes easier with this approach.

By sticking with these tips and tricks, you can be sure to enjoy a successful experience with your ecommerce business in Australia in 2016.