Who are the Top Ecommerce Superstars in Australia?

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There’s no doubt that many successful online businesses exist in Australia that can boast about having the biggest cut of the cake. However, with so much competition, staying ahead of the game has never been tougher than it is now.

The Forrester analyst group reported in October that at least a third of the total number of online ecommerce businesses plan to invest in improving their technology for 2016. Thus, there will be more online spending options, multichannel retail strategies, mobile solutions, and back office integration next year. This means that there will be more benefits for consumers in terms of variety and easy access to services.

Our list of ecommerce superstars in Australia include market leaders, established and leading players in the ecommerce market, and rising stars of the Australian ecommerce arena.

#1: Appliances Online

This online store began as a simple online store and today, is a multimillion-dollar business. John Winning started it singlehandedly, but today, it has 80 employees and it has proved that Australia has great potential for online retail businesses. The website sells white-goods (domestic electrical items). In the past year, the number of customers using this platform has doubled with more than 150,000 online buyers.