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14 Tips to Help You Get That Promotion

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Getting a promotion in some businesses, whether it be as a consultant giving business advice to clients or as a property manager managing clients’ property – it takes a great deal of effort and sometimes a younger person seems to sail effortlessly over you, leaving you feeling somewhat unappreciated – and you may even worry about becoming redundant due to your age.

Here are some more tips to ensure the next promotion is more likely to be yours.

  • Always dress well and appropriately. This may mean upgrading your wardrobe on a regular basis to ensure you are not dressing in an old-fashioned way without realising it. Choosing good quality clothing is also important. You may find a $5 top on a special, but it won’t look very special after the first wash. Every businesswoman and man should wear clothes that are of good quality.
  • Grooming is an important part of your image. Taking care of yourself will help you to look young and fresh all the time. Applying moisturiser at night will help to keep your skin in good condition so you look younger.
  • Grooming also includes hand and nail care – and foot care. If your feet hurt you’ll end up frowning and those wrinkles will eventually stay in position. Besides which, you’ll end up walking like an old person.